What would be the epitome of a sport dive watch?

Many would answer with Seiko… (aahem, and)… SKX007.

It’s an iconic divers watch that has been around since the mid-nineties. I hesitate to compare it to anything but it is like the Toyota Corolla of the watch world. It’s affordable, reliable, fits in anywhere and if sold still gives a good return.

Some good news and some bad news…(I don’t mean to sound dramatic)

Good news is that the SKX007 is readily available anywhere in the world and can be had for less than a couple of hundred bucks (US) or a little more if like me you reside on the otherside of the Atlantic.

Bad news is that even though there seems to be plenty of these work horse watches available, they are no longer in production.

Again, like the Corolla, there is so many after market parts for these watches they will not disappear off the scene anytime soon.

In fact you could build your own SKX007 from parts alone.



Stainless steel case of 42mm by 13mm thick. Screw-in crown @ 4 o’clock position.


Seiko caliber (calibre) 7S26 with 21 jewels. It features the diashock system and a power reserve of 40+ hours. 


Dial is numeral free. Large luminous indices are used as hour markers.


Uni-directional 120 click bezel. Arabic numbers mark the 10 minute positions.

seiko skx007 dive lume

Love it. Glows super bright in dark. Easy to read display in day time and under water. Been in water all summer, lakes , ocean, no problems. Cant beat price for an automatic!

Amazon customer

Seiko-SKX007 rubber strap on wrist
skx007 1

“Lives up to its reputation. It’s a bit large for my 6″ wrist, so I don’t wear it every day. But, it’s a great watch and I enjoy wearing it.”

7s26a movement

A watch is one of the most important things you can buy, it says a lot about a person.

~ Giorgio Armani ~

seiko skx007 divers 200
Which Model Is Best?
SKX007J or SKX007K

For all intense purposes the models are the same.

J – indicates that the watch is made in Japan and is intended as a Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) item.

– indicates that the watch is made in Singapore/Sth Korea (I’ve always been led to believe it’s Singapore but there is conversations around the web that Sth Korea is also involved) These watches are made for the global market.

Identifying which is which is quite easy.

J models have MADE IN JAPAN printed between 6 & 7. They also have 21 JEWELS printed under DIVER’S 200m.

Both use the same Seiko automatic calibre – 7S26.


Case size on the SKX007 is around 42mm wide, a little more if you include the crown. If you consider changing straps, the lug width is 22mm. While the case is not exactly thin at 13mm, it certainly is not considered thick.

What is of considerable note is the case is certified with an ISO-rating. The exact rating is ISO 6425. For such a modestly priced time piece being certified to it’s 200m depth puts some of it more expensive counterparts to shame.

The case back is screw down and has an embossed Tsunami wave on it. I won’t go in to all the supposed meanings of this wave, except that Seiko’s Tsunami logo is on ISO rated divers with ratings of 200m or more.


In the SKX007 the automatic movement is Seiko caliber (calibre) 7S26 with 21 jewels. It features the diashock system and a power reserve of 40+ hours.

This movement operates at 21600 bph.

The 7S26 does not have hand-winding nor does it have hacking. That said, the slightest movement will keep this timepiece running.

It is well documented that the 7S26 is a reliable workhorse, however it is also well known for not being accurate. Accuracy can range between -20 to +40 seconds/day. Those are extremes and the movement can be adjusted for better accuracy. Common out-of-the-box accuracy is around -5 to +5 seconds/day.


The dial face itself is absent of numbers. Instead they opt for large luminous markers. Although the 3 o’clock position has the day/date window.

The day wheel has two languages but which two is not identifiable from looking at the watch. English is on all models. Other languages are:
Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Roman Numeral, Russian, Spanish, Thai.

Saturday text displays in blue and Sunday in red.

The hands are easy to read and also have Seiko’s patented LumiBrite solution.

Where you do see Arabic numbers is marking the 10 minute positions on the bezel, except at the 0/60 position which is marked with a triangle and a luminous dot.


  • Certified to a dive depth of 200m
  • Reliable, workhorse automatic movement
  • Wide variety of replacement/mod parts


  • No hand-winding or hacking ability

For the money and the reliability it is hard to go past the SKX007 as a sport dive watch.

Maybe the 007 is not quite what you are looking for, for what ever reason, there are other models from the same family that may be more appealing. Models like the SKX013 or SKX173 and not forgetting the Pepsi Diver SKX009.

And if those don’t appeal there are almost an inexhaustible supply of mod parts for the SKX range so you can truely build the watch you want.
Check out MadModWorld for some ideas.

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