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Lighting Your Garage Vintage Industrial Style

Many of us use our garages more or less as intended but others, often with a little more imagination, transform their garages into anything but.

Some of the transforms are man caves, home gyms, home bar/brewery, games room, theatre and the list goes on.

These places all have a common need – lighting.

Now we all know lighting comes in many shapes and forms and although it looks different it performs the same purpose.

The style I will be looking at here is what is termed vintage industrial, though it can run to rustic as well.

What’s great about vintage industrial lighting is that it can be found from a variety of sources ranging from new reproductions, authentic vintage to handmade pieces made by individual crafters.

Many of the pieces are often one-off items, making them truly unique and ideal for the rooms that garages get transformed into. (not just garages, any room that requires some individualization)

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Finding Vintage Industrial Lighting

Vintage Industrial style has something that much of the modern lighting lacks and that is soul or if you prefer, an element of warmth. Modern lighting often looks clean and sharp but can be clinical, cold and sterial.

Lighting made from a mix of materials like wood, brass, copper, steel and blended with modern elements made to look old, like edison bulbs and textile wrapped cable, can give a room a comforting feel.

A couple of online places where you can find reproduction vintage industrial lighting is Amazon and Restoration Hardware (people outside the US may not get access to RH’s site). Ikea have a few elements, though I find them not so inspiring.

To really dig in and find online shops that really specialize in this style head over to Etsy. Yes, the largest craft community online in the world.

On Etsy do your search and you will find many like Hangout Lighting have their own stores.

You can, of course, just stay on Etsy. I’m sure you will find more than a few items to your liking.

Vintage Style With A Modern Twist

It’s nice to have the vintage-industrial-rustic look but you certainly don’t want the yester-year technology.

Today you can have the look you want and have modern tech running it.

A good example is the light bulbs, they can look old and have that low ambient glow but instead of incandescent light it is LED. These bulbs have long life, come in a variety of wattages, shapes and many are dimmerable.

And it’s not just bulbs.

It’s cord too.

Vintage style cord comes in a variety of fabric covered colours, and the option of twisted, just to add to the effect. What ever your choice it will look a lot better than the standard white PVC cord.

Create Your Own

There is of course one other way to give your room the touch of vintage industrial and that is make it yourself.

If you have problems finding exactly what you are looking for you can design the perfect piece to suit your room and then purchase the individual parts to assemble or alternatively make the parts you require.

Like wooden beams, caged shades or simply a cluster of pendant lights.

The only limit is your imagination.

If you are not sure on the exact style of lighting, you start with the decor of the room.

What type of furniture do you intend to use?
Is there wall art, what size and type. Sculptures, prints, canvas’s, signs?
Is there there a theme for the room. F1 inspired, motogp, your favourite sport, gaming, hunting or a quiet retreat like a personal library or study.

What ever you intend for the room, lighting can certainly set the mood and take it from a collection of pieces and transform it into a place you feel most comfortable.

Some Inspiration

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