UFO LED High Bay Light - 100W


UFO high bay LED lights are possibly the easiest lights to install.

If you are upgrading, what could be easier than removing the existing light (OK, maybe that part is not, as some of those old units are heavy), hang the new UFO in place and connect the wiring. (easier still, if the wiring just requires a plug).

New installs are not much harder, you just have to know where you want your lights and have the wiring in place.

The beauty of these lights is they only weigh a few pounds and are small, yet put out more light using less power and do it longer.

On the off-chance you find the lights to bright, a 1 – 10V dimmer switch can be used to control the lighting.

Another way to stop the glare is to add the accessory reflectors.

Ideally suited to to being mounted 18 – 20 feet above the floor.

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UFO LED high bay light

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