4ft High Bay LED Shop Light


Linear LED high bay lights are the perfect replacement/upgrade option for existing fluoroscent high bay lighting. Although they are also popular with new installs as they are easily surface mounted and can be recessed into ceilings for a clean look.

These 4ft LED lights are daylight white in colour and have a range of wattages from 223 to 325, depending on how much light you think you need. (in most cases 223 is more than ample. But do your own calculations based your building dimensions)

Motion sensors can be added and the lights are dimmable using a seperate dimmer switch 0 – 10V (not included)

An average life span of these lights is 50,000 hours.

Some ideal applications include: warehouses, hangars, barns, garages with 13ft or higher ceilings.

To see the details on all the lights in this range (223W, 265W, 325W) this link will take you to Amazon where the specifications can be compared.

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