Lightweight LED Shop Lights

$37.95 – $129.80

If you need a single over-head bench light or a complete garage lot, these lightweight aluminum four foot LED shop lights put out more than enough light to brighten up even the darkest corner.

There is a choice of light color between Daylight (4000K) and Crystal White (5000K). Either choice has energy savings up to 65% compared to the old fluorescent tubes.

Lifespan of the LED’s is 45,000+ hours (40,000 more than an average fluoro)

A common question is “Can they be hard wired?”

Simple answer – Yes, but check on manufacturer warranty.

LED tubes are non-replaceable. These only look like the old fluorescent, that’s all they have in common.

Ideal for: Garages, basements, workshops, carports, craft rooms, store rooms

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