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WEN 4225

Quick Look Specifications

Variable Speed (280 to 3300 RPM)

4 inch Spindle Travel

5/8 inch Keyed Chuck

12″ x 12″ Table – Tilts 45° Left & Right

15 inch Swing

2 Year Warranty

Overview - Wen 4225

WEN 4225 is a 15 inch floor standing drill press.

Unlike many other drill presses on the market the WEN 4225 does not have set speeds. It is belt driven from a 3/4 hp motor but through a variable speed hub, much like a CVT – continuously variable transmission – found in many scooters and ATV’s.

The difference between the WEN and automotive CVT’s is that the WEN has another belt that is adjusted between pulleys to give what could be described as high and low ratio.

On the low side the speed can be variably changed between 280 – 1000 RPM and on the high 1000 – 3300 RPM.

The design makes this drill press one of the fastest speed changes on the market today. Also note that the machine has to be running not stopped to make the changes.

The actual speeds are indicated on a LED front panel display.

A 5/8 (16mm) keyed chuck on a MT2 (Morse Taper #2) is standard. Note: This chuck may not hold drill bits smaller than 1/12 or 2mm.

From the center of the chuck to the column is 7.5 inches (190mm) giving the WEN 4225 a 15 inch (380mm) swing.

Made from cast iron the table measures 12″ x 12″ and pivots 45 degrees in both directions.

Spindle stroke is a full 4 inches (100mm) and can be set to any depth up to 4 inches using the adjustment guage on the side of the drill press.

Turn on the laser hole indicator for exact hole positioning and the side mounted work light to illuminate the work area.

The WEN 4225 drill press has an overall height of 63 inches (1.6mtr) and weighs in at 170 pounds (77kgs).

Similar Floor Drill Presses to Consider

If you specifically want a 15 inch swing drill press there are a few options, like:

Jet J-2500 – if you don’t like the Wen brand then this Jet could be the go.

Baileigh DP-1512F – if this had a work light it would trump the Wen.

Jet J-A5816 – This drill press is not really similar to the Wen, except for the 15″ swing. But, I included it because it’s got some features many of us look for in a drill press but won’t find in the home/hobby grade machines we all tend to look at. Features like – 6″ quill travel (stroke), 1HP dual voltage motor (115/230), Swivelling head, large diameter and bearing supported quill – minimizes runout. The downside is you pay for these features.

And to be honest I would probably look at the Baileigh DP-15VSF as it is considerbly cheaper and is all but the same machine.

Just a thought – Consider a 17″ drill press as it opens the options and gives a better variety of table options, especially for the woodworkers. That said the Wen 4225 does cover most bases and would be an assist in most home shops/garages.

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