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Quick Look Specifications

12 Speeds (250 – 3050 RPM)

3-1/4 inch Spindle Travel

5/8 inch Keyed Chuck

12-3/8″ Dia. Table – Tilts 90° 

13-3/4 inch Swing

2 Year Warranty

Overview - Shop Fox W1848

Shop Fox W1848 is the big brother to the bench top model W1668.

Well, the only difference is the height of the column that makes this one here a floor stand model.

What is unique about these Shop Fox drill presses is the oscillating function. They can go from drilling to sanding operation in a few seconds.

The oscillation function, when engaged, makes the spindle not only spin but move up and down.
With a sanding drum in the chuck and aligned to the hole in the table, the drill press now operates as a sander.

By having the oscillating function it prevents heat build up on the sanding drum.

A 3/4hp, 110V motor supplies the power to a 12 speed belt drive system that gives a range of speeds from 250 – 3050 RPM.

Spindle travel is the same as the W1668 at 3-1/4″. Had the manufacturer increased the travel to 4 inches it would make this floor stand drill press a very compelling buy.

A standard 5/8 keyed chuck is held in place by a JT-33 arbor. It will also hold a drill bit as small as 1/64.

An adjustable depth stop is located on the left side with the on/off switch behind it.

Swing, the measurement between the column and the chuck center is a reasonable 13-3/4 inches.

Diameter of the round table is 12-3/8 inches. The drum sanding hole and the dust collection tube are nice touches. The table can tilt 90° left and right. It can also rotate around the column out of the way, allowing the base to be used as the table.

Table height adjustment is done by hand crank rack and pinion.

The Shop Fox W1848 floor standing drill press has an overall height of 63 inches (1.6mtr) and weighs about 180 pounds (81kg) 

Shop Fox has a 2 year warranty on the W1848

Other Floor Standing Options Worth Considering

The Shop Fox is a little bit of a special drill press with its sanding oscillator. There is not many other drill presses than can match that capability.

If we look past the oscillator and just look at the Shop Fox as a regular 14 inch drill press then there is a variety of options to compare it against.

(if having the oscillator is a key function you want then the Shop Fox W1848 or W1668, bench top version, is the drill press for you)

On the other hand if the oscillator is something that would be nice to have but not a necessity then these others may interest you as well.

Grizzly G7944 – Very similar in specs. Same number of speed ratios (12) but wider in variety – 140 – 3050 RPM. The table is probably more suited to metal than wood.

Baileigh DP-1512F – This is a 15 inch swing with variable speed control. But the speed range is not as broad as the Shop Fox. Its range is 550 – 2500 RPM. If you don’t need the super low speeds this is a great option, especially at under $500.

Wen 4225 – Read about the Wen 4225 here

Jet J-2500 – Another 15 inch model but with 16 speeds giving a little more refinement over the ratios (200 – 3630 RPM). The table is not bolt through, so again, more suitable to light engineering.

Klutch 14in – this brand is distributed by Northern Tool. What I like most about this 14 inch drill press is that the work light is flexible and not mounted into the head stock. 

The other drill presses are sporting 3/4HP motors, this one by Klutch has a 1HP motor. Definitely helpful for those bigger drill or forstner bits.

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