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Quick Look Specifications

Variable Speed (50 – 5500 RPM)

6 inch Spindle Travel

5/8 inch Keyed Chuck

16-1/2″ x 16-1/2″ Table – Tilts 45° 

18 inch Swing

2 Year Warranty

Overview - Nova Voyager DVR

If you have had anything to do with a drill press you will know they can be noisey and tend to vibrate. It’s just they way most belt driven drill presses are.

What if there was as drill press that was quiet, vibration free and was designed for most home shops.

The Nova Voyager DVR just maybe that drill press.

Described as the ‘world’s first smart drill press’ where the features of a drill press are combined with state-of-the-art technology.

Yes, they slapped a computer on a drill press intended for hobbyists. You knew it had to come, they’ve been doing it to lathes for years, so why not the drill press.

The Nova Voyager uses a direct drive motor which is the reason for the smooth quiet operation.

By having no belts and being computer controlled, speed settings are almost infinitely variable between 50 – 5500 RPM.

While the computer may seem a little over the top for a home shop drill press it does add some great feature/functions that are not available on other drill presses.

Feature Functions of the Nova Voyager

Slow start pilot hole function – Where would this be useful? 
For me, drilling holes in steel tube. Small drill bits tend to wander on curved surfaces.

Tapping assist function – Where would this be useful?
Mostly to metal worker (engineer). If there is multiple holes to be tapped and the work will fit on the drill press table.

Digital speed readout – nothing new here.

Electronic braking – perfect, thank you. Why this has not been put on drill presses as standard I don’t know. Even the cheap battery drills have electronic braking.

Load Readout – Where would this be useful?
That would depend on the work being done. Drilling, sanding etc.

Digital quill/spindle depth readout – Where would this be useful?
Drilling multiple holes to a set depth.

Forward/Reverse Functionality – Where would this be useful?
Tapping holes.

Even the more common features are improved upon on the Nova Voyager.

Spindle travel is 6 inches. Better to have is and not want it!

Swing is 18 inches. That translates to 9 inches between the column and the center of the chuck.

Table is 16.5 x 16.5 inches with a center hole that allows for a sanding drum.

There is one area where I think they let themselves down.

The chuck.

Apart from being a 5/8 keyed model, it can only accommodate 1/8 – 5/8″ bits.

In keeping with the other improvements over a standard drill press a descent keyless chuck should have been fitted.

Nova Voyager DVR Power Supply

A Striatech DVR high torque motor powers the Voyager.
This motor can take: 
110 – 120V, 10A to give a 1.75HP output
220 – 240V, 10 -15A to give a 2.0HP output

Overall height of the Nova Voyager is 63 inches and weight is 312 pounds

I didn’t include any metric numbers because I can’t find this drill press outside of the US. 

Other 18 inch Swing Options

There’s not much on the market that is similar to the Nova and especially in the price bracket.

For some other 18 and 20 inch swing options check out the ones listed on the Delta 18-900L page.

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