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Quick Look Specifications

16 Speeds (210 – 3500 RPM)

5 inch Spindle Travel

5/8 inch Keyed Chuck

14″ x 19″ Table – Tilts 90° 

16-7/8 inch Swing

5 Year Warranty

Overview - Jet JDP-17

The Jet JDP-17 is a floor standing drill press.

Designed and aimed squarely at the woodworker the Jet JDP-17 would still make a great drill press for those that do light metalwork.

Powered by a 3/4hp motor to a pair of Poly-V belts that can be adjusted to obtain 16 different speeds ranging from 210 – 3500 RPM.

Adjusting the belts is simple, fast and tool free. It can even be done one handed.

The 5/8 (16mm) chuck has a MT2 arbor to match the Morse taper spindle. In the US the chuck is keyed but in the UK it is keyless.

Spindle travel is 5 inches (127mm). From the center of the spindle to the column is 8-7/16 inches (215mm). By multiplying that number by 2 we get a swing of 16-7/8 inches (430mm).

The table is large if compared to the previous drill presses measuring 14″ x 19″ (356mm x 483mm). Made from cast iron it has a precision ground surface with 1/2 inch T clamping slots and a sacrificial insert.

Proving that Jet had the woodworker in mind when designing this drill press the table can tilt 90 degrees in both directions and has an adjustment to ensure squareness to the center line of the chuck.

Recessed in to the headstock is a LED work light and a cross hair laser for finding center.

Overall height of the Jet JDP-17 is 66 inches (1.676 mtr) and weight is 198 pounds (89kgs)

Similar Floor Standing Drill Press Options

I think one of the reasons this drill press is popular is that it is in a class of it’s own. Well, maybe not on it’s own but there is not to many similar options.

Some of the common options are:

Delta 18-900L – this is probably closest and it has a similar price

Nova Voyager – Apart from being an 18″ floor drill press, there is not much else. This drill press is a direct drive machine with an onboard computer.

Powermatic PM2800B – very much like the Delta 18-900L but with a Nova Voyager price

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