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DELTA 18-900L

Quick Look Specifications

16 Speeds (170 – 3000 RPM)

6 inch Spindle Travel

5/8 inch Keyed Chuck

20″ x 14″ Table – Tilts 90° 

18 inch Swing

5 Year Warranty

Overview - Delta 18-900L

Delta 18-900L is a floor standing drill press.

If the above drill presses didn’t offer enough spindle travel or have large enough tables to suit your requirements then maybe this one from Delta will.

All the other drill presses here offered spindle travels from just over three inches to five inches and most had table offerings of around 12″ x 12″.

The Delta 18-900L comes with a full 6 inch (150mm) of travel/stroke and a precision ground cast iron table measuring 14″ x 20″ (356mm x 508mm). It also has T clamping slots and a large removeable center insert.

Tilting of the table can be done in 3 directions. 90 degrees to the left and right and 48 degrees forward.

Many of this drill press’s other features are the same as the previous machines.

Power comes from a 3/4hp motor and is delivered by a belt to a 16 speed set up. The speeds range from 170 – 3000 RPM.

Tensioning the belts is almost as simple as the Jet JDP except Delta use a spring loaded tensioner. No moving the motor and no tools required. It’s as simple as Push, Lock, Adjust and Release.

The 5/8 chuck inserts into a JT3 spindle taper.

This machine also has a bigger swing, measured at 18 inches (457mm).

An LED work light brightens up the work area while laser cross hairs pinpoint center location.

Over all height of the Delta 18 is 70 inches (1.778 mtr) and weight tips the scales at 261 pounds (118kgs) 

Other 18" Drill Press Options

When you get up in to the 18 inch drill press category, the machines are getting big. In fact your borderline commercial in many cases, which means 3 phase power.

One the best things about these large swing machines is the table size. It’s large!

So what other floor standing drill presses are like the Delta 18-900L?

In short, not a lot.

The first alternative is the Jet JDP-17

Second would be the Nova 58005

Both are featured here and the links will take you to the respective pages.

Now if you are looking for a drill press that leans more towards engineering than woodwork and is built to take some weight on the table then these two maybe what you are looking for.

Jet JDP-20MF

This is a 20 inch swing machine with a 1.5HP motor. It has 12 spindle speeds that range from 150 – 4200 RPM. It also has a 3/4″ chuck. Table size is a broad 18-1/2″ x 16″. It is also dual voltage 115/230V single phase.

Grizzly G7948

This another 20 inch drill press with a 1.5HP motor that is dual voltage (120/240, single phase). Like the Jet it has 12 spindle speeds but are not as broad in range (210 – 3300 RPM). Table size is 18-3/4 x 16-3/4″. The most noticeable difference in these two 20 inch machines is that this one only has a 5/8″ chuck.

If you are looking for a large swing drill press but do not want to go to the physical size of the above two, you may want to consider a radial arm drill press. No, not one of those huge commercial machines. There are smaller bench top models available like this one.

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