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WEN 4214

Quick Look Specifications

Variable Speed (580 to 3200 RPM)

3-1/8 inch Spindle Travel

5/8 inch Keyed Chuck

9.5″ x 9.5″ Table – Tilts 45° Left & Right

12 inch Swing

2 Year Warranty

Wen 4214 (12") Bench Top Drill Press

The 4214 is the largest of the bench top drill presses sold by Wen.

It has 12 inch swing and a spindle travel of 3-1/8 inches (80 mm)
A locking spindle stop makes it easy for those repetitive drilling operations.

The head, table and base are made from cast iron.

Table size is 9.5 x 9.5 inch and tilts 45° left and right.

A table extension is available to support those longer work pieces.

An easy crank rack and pinion is used for height adjustment.

Powering the 4214 is a 2/3 hp induction motor that feeds into an infinitely variable CVT type arrangement.
With this system there is no belts and pulleys to adjust and speed adjustments can be done on the fly.

The 10 x 16 inch base has pre-drilled holes for mounting to a bench or stand.

On the face of the head is an LED speed indicator. On the botton, tucked out of harms way, is a work light.

A X-pattern laser makes it easy to line up the intended hole.

Fitted into the spindle on a MT2 morse taper is a 5/8 chuck. There is also on-board key storage for the chuck key.

Distance between the the tip of the chuck and the table when lowered is 12 3/4″. Swing the table out of the way and there is just over 19″ of gap.

The WEN 4214 has a height of 36-1/2 inches (927mm) and a weight of 89 pounds (40kgs) 

This is quite a large drill press and is a great general purpose machine.

Carpentry or light engineering it would have no problem in either type of environment.

Other Drill Press Considerations

I always like to look at other options in the same category so maybe you’re a little like me and want to know what else is available that is similar.

So for similar options I would use swing size or comparisons get to messy. If you have one number that is the same then you have a base to compare some of the others. Using Swing size keeps the machines to about the same physical size as well.

There is the Jet 716000.

This really is the same drill press as the WEN but with JET colours and branding. The only real difference being the Wen has a 2/3HP motor and the Jet has a 1/2HP.
Let’s not forget pricing, the Jet, being basically the same, costs a third more.

A second comparative machine is the Klutch 12″.

Very similar to the other two….but, has a 3/4HP motor. It also has a slower low end speed of 480 RPM. Priced in between the Wen and the Jet. More info on this brand can be found on NorthernTool.

As a third comparison machine I looked at the General International 75-010.

(It is also listed under bench top drill presses here). Again similar to the others in overall specs but only has a 1/3HP motor. Pricing is up on the Wen but less than the others.

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