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Quick Look Specifications

12 Speeds (250 – 3050 RPM)

3-1/4 inch Spindle Travel

5/8 inch Keyed Chuck

12-3/8 inch Round Table – Tilts 90° 

13-3/4 inch Swing

2 Year Warranty

Overview - Shop Fox W1668

Powered by a 3/4hp motor this drill press has a 12 step speed adjustment that ranges from 250 – 3050 RPM.

The chuck is a standard keyed 5/8 (16mm) type with a JT33 arbor. (Note: This chuck may not hold drill bits smaller than 1/8 or 3mm)

Spindle travel is 3-1/4 inches (83mm). From the center of the spindle to the column is 6 5/8 inches (168mm). By doubling that number we get a swing of 13 1/4 inches (337mm).

The cast iron table is round with a diameter of 12 3/8 inches (314mm). It can tilt 90 degrees to the left and right.

There is a round hole in the table that you don’t see on other drill presses, this is to accomodate a sanding drum. Under the hole is an attached dust collection port (requires a shop vac to be connected) to remove much of the mess made from sanding.

Apart from having a hole in the table for a sanding drum the Shop Fox W1668 also has an oscillating function. Basically the function allows the quill/spindle to move up and down automatically while sanding, thus reducing heat on the sanding drum.

Although the manufacturer has made this press with the wood worker in mind it would still do well in a metal shop. It has a solid table and the right speed setting to do well in a light metal shop.

Over all height is 38 inches (965mm) and weighs in at 122 pounds (55kg)

There is also a floor version of this drill press – Shop Fox W1848

Drill Presses Similar to the Shop Fox W1668

The Shop Fox W1668 is definitely aimed at the woodworker even though it has a couple of features that would make it ideal in a light engineering shop.

Looking for comparison models is not to difficult and what I found good is that it is a pretty even playing field as far as pricing goes.

In this 13-14 inch category, the Shop Fox is really in a class of it’s own.

If you don’t require and oscillating sanding drum any of these 3 below will be a good alternative.

Rikon 30-120

The Rikon looses a 1/4HP to the Shop Fox but gains 4 extra speeds, which also give this machine a wider speed ratio (200 – 3630) It has a 13 inch swing.

This is a simple workhorse of a drill press. Does what it is supposed to do with no extras. The spindle handle is made of cast, which is a step away from the norm of 3 screw in handles.

Grizzly G7943

First thing of note with this drill press is that the table is more suited to engineering that carpentry.

There is no through holes, but slots that accommodate for square head clamp bolts. Standard hex bolts will work but often either don’t fit or spin in the slot.
It has the same amount of speeds as the Shop Fox but, they are completely different ratios at the bottom end. (140 – 3050RPM)

The 5/8 chuck holds drill bits 3/64 – 5/8.

General International 75-030 M1

In regards to specifications this drill press is closest to the Shop Fox – less the oscillator. Though it does have a laser pointer and work light.

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