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WEN 4214

wen 4214 drill press

Variable speed
Height – 36½”
5/8-inch Keyed Chuck
3-1/8-inch Spindle Travel

SKIL 3320

skil 3320 drill press

5 Speeds
Height – 22″
1/2-inch Keyed Chuck
2½”  Spindle Travel 

GEN. INT. 75-010

benchtop drill press

Variable speed
Height – 33″
5/8-inch Keyed Chuck
3¼” Spindle Travel 


shop fox w1668

12 Speeds
Height – 38″
5/8-inch Keyed Chuck
3¼” Spindle Travel 

JET J-2530

jet j2530 drill press

16 Speeds
Height – 39″
5/8-inch Keyed Chuck
3-1/8-inch Spindle Travel 


Bench top drill presses are possibly the most popular drill press type.
This is due to a couple of factors –

1. They can be placed on a work bench and doing so barely impacts space in the shop

2. Can be easily moved for storage when not in use. Though this can be dependant on drill press weight and the physical strength of the lifter.

For most home shops a benchtop drill press is ideal as they can handle light to medium metal working and can cope with most needs of the home woodworker.

The five models shown here cover most bases, from the small Skil 3320 to the Shop Fox W1668 with an oscillating sanding function.

All models have cast iron bases and tables. Tables are also rack and pinion crank operated for easy height adjustment.

Electric motor power, ranges from 1/4 hp to 3/4 hp.

All drill presses have a belt driven spindle. Some models use set speed ratios others have variable speed.

Speed settings are a big consideration when looking at a drill press, especially the slow speeds.
These depend on the tool you use the material you intend drilling.

I use hole saws regularly to drill steel and aluminium, so my drill press has to have a slow speed of less than 250 rpm. The bigger the hole saw the slower the speed. Slow speeds like 150 rpm or less are often only found on gear driven drill presses. (See Floor Standing drill presses)

* 15″ Swing

* LED Speed Indicator

* Variable Speed Hub – CVT

* Light Weight at 52 lbs (24 kg)

* Laser Cross Pointer

* 10″ Swing

* Built-in Laser Pointer

* Dual Depth Stop

* HD Induction Motor

* 12 Speeds

* Round Table – 90° Tilt

* Oscillating Function

* 3-1/8-inch Spindle Travel

* Throat Depth 7.5″

* 3/4 hp Motor

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