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4 post portable car lift

Firstly the Triumph NSS-8 is semi portable. Meaning you can move it but not something done daily. The lift comes with a caster kit allowing easy positioning.
It can however be bolted down or left free standing.

The reason many of us car enthusiasts want a portable car lift is ‘lack of space’.
In our home garages space is a premium and anything that takes up space had better be worth it.

While the previous car lifts focused on portability for easy use and space saving, this 4 post car lift by Triumph accomplishes the same things while remaining stationary.

Not everyone’s needs are the same for a car lift. 4 post lifts are perfect for storing a car on and parking another car underneath. (provided you have the ceiling height)

Four post hoists are also the easiest way to lift your car, simply drive on and lift. No arms to set into position, no bending or kneeling and no hydraulic hoses lying on the floor.

But where a four post car lift does excel, especially when looking at the other portable car lifts here, is clear access to the cars underside.

When considering a 4 post lift, the dimensions are the first consideration. It has to fit in the garage. See specs below.

Three drip trays are supplied to to catch fluid leaks. There is also a jack plate that fits between the runways for putting jacks on. Though it would be worth considering the sliding jack accessory if you intend to do a lot of wheel work.


If you’re a classic car collector of American cars and the dimensions of this four post lift are a little tight, there is an XL version available. Compare these specs to the ones below – Length w/Ramps – 222″, Overall Width – 109″, Runway Length – 180.5″, Column Height – 96″, Lift Height – 82″ 

triumph nss-8 4 post car lift portable

TRIUMPH NSS-8 Portable 4 Post Car Lift

It’s not often that you come across a 4 post car lift that is portable.
The Triumph NSS-8 is an exception to the rule. This 4 poster comes with a caster kit that is easy to attach and with a small push the lift can be positioned to where ever it is you require (so long as it remains on a smooth concrete surface).

Whether it’s a storage lift you need or a lift for the home garage to do DIY maintenance the NSS-8 has it covered. The 75 inch lift height gives ample head room for all but the tallest car enthusiast.

If used for storage or just to gain extra parking the 3 supplied drip trays ensure that any fluids leaked from the top vehicle don’t end up on the one below. A ten position lock system ensures the lift platform stays where it is positioned.

Often in the case of many car enthusiasts, there is more cars than parking places. And with every new ‘project’ that enters the garage another gets pushed out or to one side.

With a 4 post storage car lift like the Triumph NSS-8 some of those problems can be eleminated, provided there is ceiling height. Where one car was now you can have two.

It’s not just a storage lift. The NSS-8 functions perfectly as a maintenance/service lift and offers plenty of head room and clear floor space for the most ambitious car repairs/rebuilds.

Jacking a vehicles wheels off the ramps is no problem, supplied with the lift is a jack tray that caters to a bottle jack or floor jack so one end of the vehicle can be lifted to remove wheels.
A purpose made hydraulic jack bridge is available as an extra if you intend to do a lot of service work.

The caster wheel kit that comes with the Triumph NSS-8 is easy to install and takes only a couple of minutes. It’s a case of raising the lift, installing the casters, lowering the lift and push.

Where most four post lifts require anchoring to the concrete before use, the NSS-8 is completely free-standing, no anchors required. Although it does have anchor points if needed.

The hydraulic power unit is 110 volts and from rest position to full lift takes about 40 secounds.

Lift Capacity – 8000 lbs
Lift Height – 72″
Overall Length w/Ramp – 207″
Overall Length no ramp – 175″
Overall Width – 106″
Runway Length – 165″
Runway Width – 18″
Lowered Height – 4.5″
Distance between Runways – 37″
Column Height – 84″
Base Plate Size – 12″ x 12″
Power – 110V 15Amp 1Ph
Shipping Weight – 1600 lbs
8,000 lb lifting capacity
10 spring loaded safety locks on each column
Single safety lock release handle
Self-lubricating UHMW polyethylene internal slide blocks
Aircraft quality cables rated at 14,500 lbs
18″ wide runways – 3/16″ non-skid diamond plate
Runways include rail-kit for optional accessories
Detachable steel approach ramps
3 Drip trays
Jack platform
Free standing design

What You Get With The TRIUMPH NSS-8

Pros & Cons


  • Easy drive on – no bending or kneeling
  • Allows Storage for 2 cars
  • Complete access to underside of car
  • Single phase 110V 


  • Size – can be a hassle to walk around, car or no car.
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