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maxjax car lift
maxjax two post portable car lift

There are dozens of 2 post vehicle lifts for sale, new and used but 99.8% are not portable.

Dannmar MaxJax is in a category all on it’s own. Not only is it portable but using an adapter it also lifts motorcycles and ATVs.


MaxJax is possibly the only two post portable car lift that requires a minimum ceiling height of just 8ft (2.4m)
With a low ceiling height capability and complete clear floor space this unit is perfect for the home mechanic. Well, not just the home mechanic, any auto enthusiast, hobbyist, service shop that has space restrictions would benefit from a portable two poster.

Just like any regular 2 post car lift the MaxJax has extendable telescope arms and auto locking arm restraints. These stop the arms from moving once you engage lift.

Safety is always paramount when lifting a vehicle, so, like the others this car lift has safety locking bars.

So How is it Portable?

It is portable in the sense that you can move the posts (columns), they have wheels, to another location, generally for storage.
However, in order to use the lift the posts need to be secured to the concrete floor using anchor bolts.

The obvious downside to this is the time it takes to set-up. Set-up only involves wheeling the posts into position and bolting them down. Connecting the hydraulics hoses and doing a test lift to equalize the lift arms. (You know, bleed air from the system etc.)

In reality many of you would not have to move the posts or at most only move one post to gain floor space back.

The advantage of being able to have a 2 post portable car lift in your garage almost negates any time involved in the set up and storage of the units.

While this two post hoist is clearly aimed at the person that does most of their own mechanical repairs it would also be a good alternative to a scissor lift because of the clear floor space when not in use.

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maxjax car lift

MAXJAX 2 Post Portable Car Lift

When you really want a two post car lift but your garage ceiling is too low, the MaxJax portable two post lift is the option that stands out.

Offering complete clear floor under car access and column widths that can be set from 105 inches to 135 inches the Maxjax is ideal for any car enthusiast who likes to do their own maintenance, repairs or detailing.

When not required the lift can be easily packed up and stored out of the way keeping your garage clutter free.

There is plenty of choice for two post car lifts and portable car lifts but there is very limited choice for a 2 Post Portable Car Lift. The Maxjax stands in a category of its own, offering two post clear floor convenience, compact storage and portability.

After the intial set-up, taking the Maxjax from storage to ready-to-lift is only a matter of minutes. The dual telescoping arms can extend to those hard to reach lift points and auto lock in to position when the carriage lifts.

The Maxjax can access lift points as low as 3.5″ and will lift to a 45 inch maximum height. For taller vehicles, like SUV’s and light trucks, adapters can be used giving an extra lift height of 3 inches.

Lift carriages are connected to direct drive hydraulic cylinders. No chains or carriage balance cables are used.

Hydraulic hoses have quick release connections for easy set up and storage.

Manual safety lock bars ensure the vehicle remains elevated and secure.

Lift Capacity – 6000 lbs
Max. Load per arm – 1500 lbs
Height Overall – 89″
Height of Column – 64″
Width (Outside of Base Plate) – 105″ – 125″
Arm Reach (min) – 27″
Arm Reach (max) – 40″
Pad Height (min) – 3.5″
Lift Height (pad only) – 45″
Lift Height (3″ adapter) – 48″
Full Lift Time – 30 seconds
Motor – 110 – 220V single Ph.
Column Weight (each) – 300 lbs
Shipping Weight – 880 lbs
6,000-lbs lifting capacity
Portable design
Clear floor space
Minimum ceiling height of 8′
Automatic safety locks
Automatic arm restraints
Optional Motorcycle Adapters
Industrial grade hydraulic cylinders
Fully adjustable lift arms with stackable adapters
Mobile power unit
Durable powder coat finish


  • Clear floor space
  • Min. 8′ ceiling height
  • 2 post hoist with portability
  • Low lift pad height – 3.5″


  • Requires a min. 4″ concrete floor
  • Time consuming to set up
  • Only has 2 safety lock heights is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn a commission on purchases made through links to

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