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dannmar cadet 6000xl
Dannmar Cadet-SX-6-XL

MID-RISE Portable Car Lift

Mid-rise scissor lifts have found popularity in many wheel and tire shops where their portability is a bonus but, not having posts (columns) is a real room saver.

Dannmar SX-6XL has a low collapsed height of under 5 inches allowing most vehicles to drive onto or over it with no interference. While this is somewhat true if the measurements are only taken to the top of the factory pads.

The locking mechanism and hydraulic cylinder mounts sit a little higher. With some digging I found a few photos on a Corvette forum showing this. 

However its biggest benefit lies in its portability.

Using fixed steel wheels at one end and the power/hydraulic pack as a lift and tow unit at the other the SX-6XL can be easily maneuvered around and positioned where you want.

Though if you intend moving it everyday make sure you eat a good breakfast, you are going to need your strength because anything that weighs 800lbs (363kg) is no light weight.

That being said, this scissor lift needs a little weight to be strong enough to lift up to 6000 lbs.

Safety is a big issue anytime you intend to get under and around a vehicle lifted off the ground. Heavy duty safety locks are fitted and ratchet into place as the car is lifted.


Being mid-rise means it extends to a comfortable working height of 44″ (more if using adapter pads) enabling you to do a lot of work on your vehicle without having to bend or kneel. Your back and knees will love you.

Foot print size is about 79″ (2m) long x 39″ (1m) wide.

The Dannmar SX-6XL comes with a free adapter set enabling you to work on any SUV or light duty truck weighing under 6000lbs (2720kg).

dannmar cadet 6000xl

DANNMAR SX-6/XL Mid-Rise Scissor Lift

The Dannmar SX-6 is not your standard scissor lift. Most scissor lifts are stationary, the SX-6 is portable. The flat position lift arms are adjustable to accomodate most road going vehicles.

Detailing, body work or wrenching the 44 inch lift height enables many tasks to be done easily with out bending or crouching.

Safety is a big part of the SX-6’s design and it has a multi-position safety lock allowing various work heights that are comfortable for the user.

Having a portable car lift in a home garage is the dream of many a car enthusiast. Unfortunately many home garages are restrictive on size and the options for car lifts are limited.

Dannmar have the solution to this problem with their Mid-Rise Scissor Lift SX-6. The SX-6 has a 6000 lb lift capacity. Once in position it’s simple case of drive on, set the arms and lift. All done in just over a minute.

Heavy duty steel casters are mounted at one end and on the other is a hook point where the power unit, that doubles as the tow dolly, connects. Pushing down on the handles on the power unit, once it’s connected lifts the end of the SX-6, allows it to be pulled and moved to any position required.

With a collapsed height of under 5 inches and full rise lift off 44 inches (more if the SUV & truck adapters are used) makes this mid-rise scissor lift one of the most versatile portable car lifts for the home garage or professional shop.

Lifting Capacity – 6000 lbs
Collapsed Height – 4.75″
Lift Height top of lift pad – 44″
Lift Height 3″ pad adapter – 46.5″
Lift Height 6″ pad adapter – 49.5″
Lift time – 45 seconds
Motor – 110 – 220V single Ph.
Shipping weight – 852 lbs
Ideal for working on cars and light-duty trucks
Easy to move
Adjustable arm assemblies for lift points
Safety lock with multiple stop positions
Power pack cart doubles as a tow dolly
Truck adapter kit included (free)
110 – 220V single phase motor

What You Get With The DANNMAR SX-6/XL Mid-Rise Lift

SX-6 Layout

A – Overall Length67.25″/1708 mm
B – Overall Width39″/990 mm
C – Max. Lift Height – Top of Pad44″/1117 mm
D – Reach Between Pads (max.width)61.25″/1556 mm
E – Reach Between Pads (length)27.5″ – 55.5″/698 – 1410 mm

Pros & Cons


  • Space saving size
  • Solid lift platform
  • Adjustable arms 


  • Listed collapsed height misleading
  • Very heavy to move is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn a commission on purchases made through links to

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