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bendpak low-rise portable lift

Low - Rise Portable Car Lift

If you looking for a car lift that is simple, no fuss and portable then the BendPak LR-60P  could be it.

The ‘P’ at the end of the model number indicates that the lift is portable. Utilizing a pair of flip down wheels and a T handle dolly it’s an easy one person job to move the LR-60P around the garage or workshop.

Many home garages are tight on space, the Bendpak LR-60P was almost designed for these conditions. With a low rise lift height a low ceiling garage is no problem. The full lift height makes it comfortable for working on your car from a stool or creeper.

In the fully collapsed position height is only four inches, allowing for all but the lowest ride height cars. Preparation for lifting is as simple as drive on, position the rubber lift blocks (if required) and push the up button on the control panel.

Drive-on to full lift can be done in under a minute.

Bendpak take safety seriously, so a safety lift lock automatically engages when lifting. When it comes time to lower the vehicle the lock is released from the safety of the control console.

A quality single hydraulic ram is used eliminating the need to balance hydraulic pressure and ensuring an even level lift every time.

The LR-60P is ideally suited for use by vehicle detailers, tire (tyre) shops and car enthusiasts with little need to get full access to the under car.


BENDPAK Low-Rise Car Lift

Bendpak have a range of low-rise car lifts but the LR-60P is the only portable one. Thus making it more versatile than it’s brethren or many other similar lifts on the market.

With a lift capacity of 6000 lbs (2724 kg) this portable lift can accommodate all but the heaviest of family cars and many light trucks. (additional rubber lift blocks maybe required for light trucks and SUV’s)

A big benefit/feature of the LR-60P, there is no lift arms to set. Drive-on, position the rubber blocks, if needed and lift. It’s this uncomplicated, ease-of-use that appeals to many.

The big question on the minds of many prospective portable car lift buyers “What do I do with the the lift when not in use?”

It’s a good question. With the Bendpak LR-60P it is entirely possible to just leave it in place and drive your car on/over it. Depending on the width of the car there is no real hindrence to stepping in and out of the car.

Of course if you have the room available the lift can be moved out of the way and placed somewhere for storage until it is required again.

There is also the possiblitiy to secure the lift to the floor. Removing the wheels exposes two mounting plates. Knock some anchor bolts in to the concrete and secure the lift.
Doing this does away with the portability aspect but it is an option.

The LR-60P utilises a simple design that requires less moving parts. A dropped crossbar is employed to connect both lifting frames. Doing this allows for a single hydraulic cylinder which also means less hydraulic hosing and less fittings.

Access on to the lift can be done from both ends.

Lifting Capacity – 6000 lbs
Lift Height – 26″
Lift Height with blocks – 27.5″
Overall lift pad length – 53″
Rubber lift pad width – 18″
Overall lenght – 82″
Overall width – 70.5″
Collapsed Height – 4″
Lift time – 35 seconds
Motor – 110/220V single Ph.
Shipping weight – 875 lbs
6000 lb Capacity
Low profile collapsed height
Wide rubber pads – no arms to set
Solid rubber lift blocks
Specific Tow handle/dolly
Dropped cross-bar gives extra clearance
Heavy duty frame
Safety lock with multiple stop positions
110 – 220V single phase motor
Durable powder coat finish

What You Get With The BENDPAK LR-60P

LR-60P Layout

bendpak lr-60p dimensions

Pros & Cons


  • Drive on and lift – no setting arms
  • Ideal for low ceiling garages
  • One end has clear floor space – no crossbars


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