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The Triumph NT-9 is a 9000lb (4082kg) floor plate, two post vehicle lift, designed with low ceiling garages in mind.

The NT-9 has the lowest overall height of the lifts shown here. At 111″ (2.82 m) it is two inches lower than most low ceiling models.

This low column height allows the Triumph NT-9 to be installed in a workshop/garage with a ceiling height of 9.5 ft (2.9m)

It uses dual hydraulic cylinders with a multi-plate chain to do the lifting.
A high strength steel cable is utilized for the equalization system – the cables do not do the lifting they only keep an equal balance between the carriages.

The NT-9 has dual point lock release. To be honest I’m not familiar with this system but I do assume you have to release both locks individually before lowering the carriages. Many car lifts have one safety lock release and it’s usually located on the side of the hydraulic pump and controller.

A feature that does stand out is that of the front lift arms. They are 3 stage telescoping.

Even though this lift is a symmetrical type those arms will enable slight asymmetrical loading. Three stage arms means the arms are shorter when retracted allowing the vehicle to sit a little further back between the columns.

Both front and rear lift arms have automatic arm locks.

A couple of sets of drop-in, stackable truck adapters are supplied. 1½” and 5″

Some of the features of this two post car lift are:

  • Asymmetrical arm design with 3 stage telescoping front and 2 stage rear
  • Automatic arm locks
  • Dual point lock release
  • Truck and van Adapters
  • 220V 1Ph
  • Easy Installation

All mounting hardware is supplied.

If you  intend to do the installation yourself you will need a good hammer drill and masonry bit to drill holes in the concrete for the anchor bolts. 

The lift will be shipped without hydraulic fluid. Normal recommendation is 32 or 46 weight hydraulic fluid. You will need to read the specification sheet or contact the supplier for the quantity. Be prepared for 3 – 5 gallons (if buying in liters just get a 20 litre container)

You may also need an electrician to connect up the wiring.

National Auto Tools are the suppliers and they also list them on Amazon 

Triumph NT-9 Specifications

Lifting Capacity (lbs/kg)9000/4082
Overall Height (in/cm)111/282
Column Outside Width (in/cm)132/335
Base Plate Outside Not Given
Column Inside Width (in/cm)106/269
Drive Thru Clearance (in/cm)95/241
Max. Lift Height (in/cm)72/183
Max. Lift Height with adaptersNot Given
Min. Pad Height (in/cm)4.5/11.5
Lift Time (sec)40
dimensions 685x500

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