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The Dannmar D-9/X, also known as the Admiral 9000X, is a symmetrical arm, floor plate 2 poster with a 9000 lb (4082 kg) lift capacity.

Not only does this 2 poster have low columns but they are also positioned wide.

This wide positioning gives a drive thru cleareance of 109″ (2.77 m). Thats wide enough to fit a Super Duty truck through with standard mirrors.

The Dannmar D-9/X uses the ‘chain over’ lifting system. A multi-plate chain and two hydraulic cylinders (one in each column) are used. A high strength steel cable is used to balance the carriages.

Even though this lift is designed for low ceilings, it has the highest lift of all the car lifts mentioned here. So for those of you who are over 6ft this lift may appeal.

To get even more height a set of 6″ truck and van adapters are supplied.

A set of detailed installation and maintenance instructions are provided. Along with some safety and lifting guides.

Features of the D-9/X are:

  • Ideal for low ceilings
  • Wide column spacing
  • Oversize column base plates
  • Safety locks in each column spaced every 3″ (75mm)
  • Truck and van adapter set

Note: the fluid for the hydraulics is ATF-4 transmission fluid.

If you are intending to the installation yourself, which is relatively easy, you will need a hammer drill and a 3/4 masonry bit to drill the holes for the anchor bolts. 

Shims may also be required if your floor has a slope to it. Also, if this is the case, you will need longer anchor bolts.

This is a popular lift from Danmar. For the latest price check Amazon.

Danmar D-9X Specifications

Lifting Capacity (lbs/kg)9000/4082
Overall Height (in/cm)113/286
Column Outside Width (in/cm)137/348
Base Plate Outside 145/368
Column Inside Width (in/cm) 118/300
Drive Thru Clearance (in/cm)109/277
Max. Lift Height (in/cm)76/193
Max. Lift Height with adapters82/208
Min. Pad Height (in/cm)4.5/11.5
Lift Time (sec)45

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