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The Triumph NTO-10A is a 10,000 lb (4536 kg) clear floor, two post car lift.

This 2 post car lift has a few of the same features as the Triumph NT-9, so lets just look at what is different.

Most obvious is the clear floor design with an overhead bar. There is a safety cut-out switch located just below the bar to prevent any damage to the lift and vehicle

You will need more than 12 ft (3.68 m) of ceiling height to install this 2 post lift.

Maybe not so obvious but it is stated, is the lift capacity – up from 9000 to 10,000 lbs.

Instead of dual lock releases, like on the Triumph NT9, a single one is used.

One spec that stands out against many other comparable lifts is the lift speed.
Going from floor to full rise is only 40 seconds. You could add another 5 just to be fair and it is still quicker than many. (call me cynical but I’m guessing that the lift test was done with no load. Nothing negative against the lift here, just marketing teams and their numbers)

Other 10,000 lb lifts vary from 50 – 75 seconds. If you have ever had to stand beside a lift holding the up button in while the lift goes up, 75 seconds is an eternity!

Some of the features of the Triumph NTO clear floor lift are:

  • Clear floor design
  • Three piece rubber door guards
  • Three stage lift arms
  • Single point lock release
  • Safety cut-off on the overhead bar

All mounting hardware is supplied.
A hammer drill and a 3/4 masonry bit will be required for the anchor bolt holes.
Also depending on your skills and local laws, you may need an electrician for the wiring.

National Auto Tools are the suppliers and they also list them on Amazon 

Triumph NTO 10A Specifications

Lifting Capacity (lbs/kg)10000/4536
Overall Height (in/cm)145/368
Column Outside Width (in/cm)133/338
Base Plate Outside Not Given
Column Inside Width (in/cm) 107/272
Drive Thru Clearance (in/cm)96/244
Max. Lift Height (in/cm)72/183
Max. Lift Height with adaptersNot Given
Min. Pad Height (in/cm)4.5/11.5
Lift Time (sec)40
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