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The Bendpak XPR-9 is a 9000 lb (4082 kg) floor plate type, 2 post car lift.

Let me explain a little about Bendpak’s model coding.You may have noticed I have left off all letters after the 9 in the model number.

This is because the letters after the number, in this case 9, have an added feature meaning.

Model Identification

If there is an LP after the 9 it signifies ‘Low Profile’. Meaning this lift has low profile arms, intended for use with sports cars and other low vehicles.

A ‘D’ after the 9 indicates the hydraulics are Direct Drive – meaning no chain.

Now, if there is an ‘S’ which I think is only in the US right now, it indicates the lift has Screw Adjustable Pads. These pads have an adjustable height of 2″ (50 mm).

Everything else about the lift remains the same.

For simplicity we are looking at the base model XPR-9.

Just like the other two floor plate lifts before this one, it is ideal for low ceiling garages/workshops because it has an overall height of 113″ (9.4 ft) or 2.86 m.

Choice of Drive Thru Configurations

What is unique about the XPR series of car lifts is that they are Dual Width lifts.

This means they can be installed with a narrow setting. Ideal for cars and minivans. Or with a wide setting, more suited to larger vehicles like trucks and commercial vans.

Some of the features of this lift are:

  • CE Approved and Certified
  • Adjustable narrow or wide drive-thru configurations
  • Drop-end arms provide a lower pad height
  • Chain lift over hydraulic cylinders
  • 4-piece 63 mm stackable adapter set

Bendpak lifts come with detailed installation and maintenance instructions. If you want to read those before proceeding with purchasing – so you know what to expect – there is a pdf download on Bendpak’s site.

Bendpak distribute their lifts globally. For current pricing guide check Amazon.

Bendpak XPR-9 Specifications

Lifting Capacity (lbs/kg)9000/4082
Overall Height (in/cm)113/287
Column Outside Width - Narrow (in/cm)126 ¾ /323
Column Outside Width - Wide (in/cm)139 ¾ / 356
Base Plate Outside - Narrow (in/cm)132/335
Base Plate Outside - Wide (in/cm)145/368
Column Inside Width - Narrow (in/cm)105/267
Column Inside Width - Wide (in/cm)118/300
Drive Thru Clearance - Narrow (in/cm)93/236
Drive Thru Clearance - Wide (in/cm)106/269
Max. Lift Height (in/cm)73/185
Max. Lift Height with 3" adapters76/193
Min. Pad Height (in/cm)4/10
Lift Time (sec)45

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