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Bendpak’s XPR-10 series of auto car lifts are clear floor models rated to 10,000 lb (4536 kg) lift capacity.

Like the XPR-9 the XPR-10 has letter codes after the model number.

Lets take a quick look because not all countries get all models.

Model Identification

XPR-10 – Direct Drive 2 post clear floor lift with narrow or wide drive thru options.
XPR-10A – Columns are rotated 30 degrees for true asymmetrical lifting.
XPR-10-LP – has Low Profile Arms. Best suited to sports cars.
XPR-10A-LP – Rotated columns and Low Profile Arms
XPR-10S – Adjustable Screw Pads
XPR-10S-LP – Adjustable Screw Pads and Low Profile Arms
XPR-10S-168 – Adds an extra 23″ (580mm) of height to the top bar to allow for bigger vans, like the Mercedes Sprinter.
XPR-10AS – Rotated columns and Adjustable Screw Pads
XPR-10AXLS – Rotated columns and an extra 6″ of rise. Especially for tall techs (From 69″ to 75″ of Rise)
XPR-10AS-LP – Rotated columns, Adjustable Screw Pads and Low Profile Arms
XPR-10AS-168 – Rotated columns, Adjustable Screw Pads and an extra 23″ (580mm) of height to the top bar.

Australia gets the first three models
United Kingdom gets the first four models
United States has them all.

Why the XPR-10A?

The XPR-10A would suit most car enthusiasts and many service shops. On the proviso that there is enough ceiling height.

Having the columns rotated 30 degrees and with, what Bendpak calls, Tru-Metric arms a vehicle can be positioned in the lift symmetrically (centerline of vehicle at column) or asymmetrically (centerline of vehicle behind column).

The advantage is that there is more door opening clearance.

Another advantage is that you can position the vehicle within the lift to suit the work being done. An example – removing the rear differential. Doing this in a symmetrical arm lift can unbalance the weight of the vehicle on the lift, giving it a front heavy bias.

Also this lift differs slightly form the others here, it’s in the way the lifting is performed. The other car lifts use a ‘chain-over hydraulic’ system, Similar to what you will have seen used on a forklift.

No chains are used in the XPR-10 series.

It’s done with Direct Drive lifting. Dual cylinders push the carriages up.

Some of the features of the XPR-10 are:

  • Expandable top beam for narrow or wide drive-thru configurations
  • Padded overhead safety shutoff bar
  • 30° rotated single-piece columns
  • Dual hydraulic direct-drive cylinders
  • Tru-Metric arm design

As with the XPR-9 the XPR-10A comes with detailed installation and maintenance instructions. If you want to read those before proceeding with purchasing – so you know what to expect – there is a pdf download on Bendpak’s site.

The links above just under Model Identification will take you that country’s Bendpak site. For a pricing guide check Amazon

Bendpak XPR-10A Specifications

Lifting Capacity (lbs/kg)10000/4536
Overall Height (in/cm)145/368
Column Outside Width - Narrow (in/cm)133 /338
Column Outside Width - Wide (in/cm)141 / 358
Base Plate Outside - Narrow (in/cm)137/348
Base Plate Outside - Wide (in/cm)145/368
Column Inside Width - Narrow (in/cm)104/264
Column Inside Width - Wide (in/cm)112/285
Drive Thru Clearance - Narrow (in/cm)94/239
Drive Thru Clearance - Wide (in/cm)102/259
Max. Lift Height (in/cm)73/185
Max. Lift Height with 3" adapters76/193
Min. Pad Height (in/cm)4¼/10.8
Lift Time (sec)45

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