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cheap 2 post car lift

9000 lb/4082 kg lift cap.
Low ceiling design – columns 111″/2.82m
Automatic arm locks
Column safety locks

10000 lb 2 post car lift

10000 lb/4536 kg lift cap.
Clear floor design
Overhead safety switch
Three stage lift arms
Single point lock release

car lift for garage

9000 lb/4082 kg lift cap.
Ideal for low ceilings
Wide column spacing
Symmetrical lift arms
Oversize column base plates

home garage lift

9000 lb/4082 kg lift cap.
CE Approved and Certified
Floor plate low ceiling
Narrow or wide drive-thru
Multiple options

home garage lift

10000 lb/4536 kg lift cap.
30° rotated columns
Overhead safety shutoff bar
Direct-drive lifting
Tru-Metric arm design

Two post car lifts are like the hammer in your tool box. They are one of the most versatile pieces of equipment you can have in your garage.

Vehicle lift, vehicle storage, car park, motorcycle lift and other not-so-intended uses if you are imaginative enough.

Just don’t do anything that would jeopardize the integrity of the lift.

If you have never really had much to do with these types of car lifts it can be difficult to differentiate the differences.

It’s not until you dig a little deeper that you realise that although they all pretty much look the same, colour being the exception, there are some big differences.

The obvious differences being that some have a plate on the floor between the columns and others have an overhead bar. Some of the new models have neither. We’ll leave them out for now as they are not readily available everywhere nor are they priced for the average home garage shop.

Floor plate models probably make up the vast majority of car lifts in the home garage because of the low ceiling options.

Some of these models can be installed into garages with ceiling heights as low as 113″ (2.86m).

The overhead bar or clear-floor models require a lot more ceiling height, starting around 145″ (3.68m).

While both models have their advantages and disadvantages the benefits of having a two post car lift are what compels most car enthusiasts to install one.

Some Of Those Benefits Include:

Safety – The most obvious and the number one benefit.
Health – Almost no impact on knees, back and shoulders.
Time – Even if you’re not punching the clock, car lifts are fast and efficient. Under two minutes from driving in to up in the air.
Easy – so much easier to work on a vehicle where you can set the work height.
Space – maximizes the use of space above the floor. Ability to have a vehicle on the lift and park another below. (Ceiling height dependent)
And let’s not forget the Wow Factor – nothing speaks professionalism more than having the right tools.

* Low Ceiling Columns

* Easy To Install

* Real Value At < 2K

* Clear Floor Lift

* Overhead Safety Bar

* 40 Seconds to Full Lift

* Wide Drive Thru Gap

* 76″ Lift Height 

* Detailed Install Instructions 

* Dual Width Settings

* ALI Certified 

* Optional Low Profile Arms

* True Asymmetric Lift

* 30° Rotated Columns

* Multiple Options Available

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