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DeWalt DXCMV5048055

dewalt dxcmv5048055 80 gallon air compressor 2

DeWalt 80 Gallon 2 Stage Air Compressor 

Tаnk Capacity – 80 gallons
Dimensions (LWH)(in) – 35x32x79
Max. PSI – 175

Quincy QT-54   2V41C60VC 

quincy qt54 60 gallon air compressor 2

Quincy 60 Gallon 2 Stage Air Compressor 

Tаnk Capacity – 60 gallons
Dimensions (LWH)(in) – 29x21x64
Max. PSI – 175

Powermate Vx PLA4708065

powermate vx 80 gallon air compressor 2

Powermate 80 Gallon 3 Cylinder Air Compressor 

Tаnk Capacity – 80 gallons
Dimensions (LWH)(in) – 32x35x77
Max. PSI – 155

Industrial Air IV5076055

industrial air 2 stage 60 gallon air compressor 2

Industrial Air 60 Gallon 2 Stage Air Compressor 

Tаnk Capacity – 60 gallons
Dimensions (LWH)(in) – 40x31x80
Max. PSI – 175


Shown here are some of the biggest single phase 230V vertival stationary air compressors currently available.

These larger compressors run at a lower RPM which aids in keeping the noise down

Industrial quality compressors don’t have built in pressure regulators (DeWalt here is an exception). In order to run most air tools, which are rated for around 90 PSI, a pressure regulator is required. Pressure regulators and water traps are an extra cost.

All models are reciprocating, oil filled, cast iron pumps. These units are designed for long life and require little maintenance other than periodic oil changes and servicing the air filters.

Vertical air compressors are top heavy. Once in place they require anchor bolting to the ground.

Due to the large volume of air these compressors can put out it is a good idea to put an air dryer inline to protect your air tools. Check YouTube for how to make a Desiccant air dryer. 


At it’s simplest, a single stage pump draws air in though the air filter, past the intake valve and into the cylinder, where it then gets compressed and pushed past the exhaust valve and into the tank.

It makes no difference whether the pump has one cylinder or three cylinders.

The air gets compressed only once.

Easily identified because all cylinders are the same size.

A two stage pump has a low pressure and a high pressure side.

Air gets drawn through the air filter past the intake valve into the low pressure cylinder (larger of the two) where it gets compressed for the first time and pushed through the low pressure exhaust valve.

The compressed air travels through an intercooler (usually a pipe with fins on it) to the high pressure side of the pump, where it is drawn in and compressed a second time before being pushed into the tank.

The advantage of a two stage over a single stage is they can deliver more CFM. Two stage are also more efficient.

These types of pumps can be easily identified as the low pressure side has a large diameter bore and the high pressure side has small diameter bore. These pumps can be side by side or V configuration. (or just look for the intercooler pipe)

DeWalt, Quincy and Industrial Air are two stage and the Powermate is a 3 cylinder single stage air compressor. 


Read the instructions to understand the break-in procedure and any oil change requirements.

These will also inform on correct use procedures like duty cycle – allowing the compressor time to cool down.

Note: three of the above air compressors have a duty cycle of 100% – meaning they do not require a break, they can run continuously.

That said they also have thermal overload switches on their electric motors for protection.

* 17.9 CFM at 100 PSI

* 2 Stage Cast Iron Pump

* 5 HP Motor 230V

* 15.4 CFM at 100 PSI

* 2 Stage Cast Iron Pump

* 5 HP Motor 230V

* 14.0 CFM at 90 PSI

* 3 Cyl. Cast Iron Pump

* 4.7 HP Motor 240V

* 15.3 CFM at 100 PSI

* 2 Stage Low RPM Pump

* 5 HP Motor 230V 

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